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Venpongal வெண்பொங்கல்

VENPONGAL (வெண்பொங்கல்)
Pongal is a tasty breakfast that goes well with chutney and sambar combination or brinjal gothsu. Pongal with Vada and sambar and chutney is a popular breakfast item in south indian restaurants.


Raw rice ½ cup
Moong dhal ¼ cup
Cumin seeds 2 tsp
(coarsely ground)
Black pepper 2 tsp
(Coarsely ground)
Hing ¼ tsp
Shredded ginger 2 tbsp
Cashew nuts 1 tbsp
Ghee 5 tsp
Preparation time = 03 min
Cooking time = 25 min
Makes = 3 ¾ cups



Text Procedure

Step 1
Mix rice and moong dhal Rinse and strain two times
Step 2

Add water in the proportion rice:water 1:6 and pressure cook for 4 whistles and then switch off.

Step 3

Once pressure subsides, open the lid cover. Mash the cooked rice and dhal.

Step 4

Heat ghee. Roast cashewnuts and then add coarsely ground black pepper, cumin seeds, hing and shredded ginger. You can also add curry leaves

Step 5
Add cooked rice and dhal mixture. Super tasty Venpongal is ready

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