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SWEET POHA AND CHIVDA-Quick teatime snacks

Sweet poha/Panchakajjaya is a very important prasadam in Karnataka and Maharashtra during festivals like Ganesh chaturthi,Krishna janmashtami, Thulsi pooja. The word pancha means five ingredients and khajjaya means neivedhya prasadam. Five ingredients are flattened rice, jaggery, coconut,sesame seeds and ghee. The other ingredients added if any are optional.There are many variations of panchakhajjaya like poha panchakhajjaya,bengal gram panchakhajjaya,banana panchkhajjaya etc.It is also often made as a tea time snack.

Chivda is a very popular snack mix in India. It is made with flattened rice,spices and nuts. In this post i have shared a pan roasted chivda, a healthier version. It goes very well as tea time snacks. It is also made during festivals as a savoury.

Generally three types of flattened rice is available in the market- thick texture, medium texture and thin texture. Medium and thin textures can be used for sweet poha and chivda.


Procedure for Sweet poha

Step 1
Sieve thin poha and small and powdered poha( flattened rice) dust

Step 2
In a vessel add jaggery and water . Jaggery dissolves.

Step 3

Strain dissolved jaggery water in a pan. Keep stove in low flame and boil for 3 to 4 minutes. Avoid making thick consistency syrup (thick paggu(tamil word)). Add grated coconut, cardamom powder. Boil for 3-4 min until jaggery syrup turns semi thick liquid. Turn off stove.

Step 4
Dry roast rinsed black sesame seeds till it splutters and keep aside. In the same pan, add ghee and heat. Add nuts and roast until it turns pink colour.

Step 5
In the hot jaggery and coconut mixture, add sieved poha,roasted sesame seeds and roasted nuts. Mix well. Sweet poha/panchakhjjaya is ready as teatime snacks or as festival prasadam. This is a quick preparation.

Procedure for chivda

Step 1
Sieve thin poha (flattened rice) in a big hole siever and remove small and powdered poha dust.

Step 2
Heat oil in pan. Roast ground nut until it turns crisp and collect into collander so that exytra oil will be strained. Similarly roast fried gram,almonds,cashew nuts,raisins and dry coconut separately. Add mustard seeds in same hot oil. Let it splutter. Then add red chilis, green chilis and curry leaves. Saute well until green chili is fried nicely. Turn off stove. Add turmeric powder,salt and hing. Mix well.

Step 3
Transfer the hot ingredients with oil to sieved poha which is kept in a bigger vessel.Transfer small quantity of poha in the hot pan and mix well with left over oil in the hot pan and transfer to the poha vessel. Add powdered sugar and chat masala powder. Add all the roasted ingredients and mix well gently without breaking poha. Add salt if required. Quick and tasty teatime snack chivda savoury is ready

Video for Sweet poha and Chivda

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