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Sweet Bread Sandwich

This is a delicious snack item which can be prepared easily. It does not require much of preparation or cooking time. It can be prepared in advance and can be reheated before consuming  which is  ideal for parties and functions. Toasting can be done  in a bread toaster or a pan as per the availability and convenience.



Step 1a:

Add roasted rava, powdered sugar, milk powder, dry coconut powder, dry fruit (almonds and cashew nuts) powdered to a bowl.


Step 1b:

Add further cardomom powder,dates( chopped),raisins,ghee and milk.


Step 2:

Mix the ingredients well. Add 1 tbsp of milk if necessary to soften the mixture. The mixture is now ready for application.



Step 3:

Now Take a bread slice and apply the mixture. Take another bread slice and keep it over to form a sandwich.



Step 4:

Apply butter on both sides of the sandwiched bread. Place in sandwich toaster for

3-4 minutes. Toasted sweet bread sandwich is ready to serve.



If sandwich toaster is not there, you can toast it in normal pan. You can also use ghee in place of butter

as per your preference.

toasting in a pan

Video Procedure:

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