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Rasagolla -Bengali Milk Sweet

Rasagolla is a very popular Bengali milk sweet. It is easy to prepare and tempting for all the sweet lovers.


Cow milk        – 2 liters

Vinegar           – 1/4  cup

Sugar              – 4 cups

Maida             – 2 tsp

Cooking time  – 30 min

Makes              – 20 nos.




Step 1

Take 1/4 cup vinegar and dilute with one cup of water

Step 2

Boil 2 liters milk and keep aside for 3-4 minutes. Add1 cup of water to decrease temperature.

Step 3

Add 1/4 cup diluted vinegar mixture to milk. Stir it well. Milk starts curdling. In case curdling formation is slow, add 1 or 2 tbsp more diluted vinegar if necessary. Note: Vinegar should always be added in small quantities so as to avoid excess addition. If excess vinegar is added it will result in hardening of paneer which is not desirable.


Step 4

Soft paneer and whey water are now separated.Place a muslin cloth over a strainer. Strain the whey water to separate paneer. Pour water over paneer to remove vinegar.Squeeze muslin cloth to remove water.


Mash paneer by hand to make it soft. Then make even sized balls.


Step 5

Keep Stove in medium flame.Take 4 cups sugar in a vessel and add 6 cups water. Add 1/4 cup milk.Boil for 5 min. Remove the sediments. Add paneer balls to the sugar solution. It is always advisable to select a large vessel so that paneer balls remain in shape and do not get deformed due to contact with each other.


Step 6

Take 2 tsp maida in a bowl . Add 1/4 cup whey water. Mix well.


Step 7

Add maida-whey water mixture to the sugar solution. This will help to avoid paneer from breaking. Add 2-3 tbsp boiled water to avoid formation of sugar crystals.


Step 8

Close lid and boil for 7-8 min. Soft and yummy Rasagollas are ready.


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