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Poori Masala- Restaurant Style

Poori is a very popular breakfast item all over India. Potato masala is a good combination as a side dish for poori. Getting puffed poori is often puzzling for many. We see that in restaurants they serve puffed golden colour poori. In this video i have shared few tips for making puffed golden colour poori.

Tip 1

Dough should be stiff. Use hot oil while making the dough. Don’t allow the dough to rest for more than 30 minutes.

Tip 2

Use sugar to get the golden color

Tip 3

Roll the dough . It should be even and neither too thick or too thin. If you roll it too thin then poori will be flat. If you roll it too thick then poori will be hard. If dough is sticky then poori will absorb more oil.


Ingredients for Poori

Wheat flour 1 cup


Sugar 1/2 tsp

Oil 3 tsp

Water 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp

Oil For deep fry

Preparation time = 08 min

Making time = 20 min

Makes 8 nos.

Ingredients for Masala

Potato 2 nos. medium

Green peas ¼ cup

Onion 2 nos. medium

Red chili 1-2 nos.

Mustard 1/2 tsp

Urad dhal 1 tsp

Channa dhal 1 tsp

Besan flour 2 tsp

Green chili 1-2 nos.

Ginger 1 tsp shredded

Turmeric powder ¼ tsp

Curry leaves


Oil 3 tsp

Preparation time = 08 min

Making time = 20 min

Makes 2 cups



Text Procedure

How to make Puffed Poori?

Step 1

Take wheat flour and add sugar,salt,hot oil and mix well. Add water in less quantity 2-3 times and make stiff dough. Water requirement for 1 cup of wheat flour is 1/4 cup + 1 tbsp.Keep aside for sometime ( not more than 30 minutes)

Step 2

Make 8 pieces with that dough. Roll each piece in palm for few seconds and then press flatly.Keep all pieces in a covered vessel so that it won’t dry

Step 3

Take a piece.Slightly dip in oil. Roll evenly using rolling pin and small disc. ( Do not make it too thick or too thin)

Step 4

Heat oil in medium high flame. Drop gently from side to centre. deep fry for few seconds and flip to the other side for uniform frying. Now hot puffed golden color poori is ready.

How to make Restaurant style Masala ?

Step 1

Boil potato pieces. Boil green peas with salt

Step 2

Heat oil in a pan. Add red chili and mustard seeds. Wait till mustard seeds splutter. Add urad dhal, channa dhal and roast

Step 3

Add shredded onion. Saute for few minutes. Then add green chili,ginger and curry leaves. Add besan flour.Saute for few seconds.

Step 4

Add boiled vegetables,turmeric powder,salt and water. Cook for few minutes

Step 5

Slightly mash the potatoes. Restaurant style potato masala is ready. Serve with hot poori.

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