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Milk Curd Burfi

Milk Curd Burfi is an easy to prepare sweet that can be prepared with commonly and readily available items in everybody’s home. It tastes great and will be liked by all sweet lovers.


Milk                        — 1 cup

Curd                       — 1 cup

Sugar                     — 1 cup

Butter                     — 10 g

Cardamom powder  — 1 tsp

Broken almonds & }

Cashew nuts           }  — 2 tbsp

Ghee                         — 1 tsp

Cooking time               : 30 minutes




Step 1

Keep a pan on the stove. Add ingredients – Sugar 1 cup,  boiled milk 2 at room temperature 1 cup, and fresh curd 1 cup. Keep stove in medium-high flame. Stir frequently.

Step 2

When the mixture thickens and quantity reduces , keep stove in low-medium flame and check for consistency of mixture by taking a sample. If the sample mixture is not sticky and can be rolled into a smooth ball, then correct consistency is reached.


Step 3

Add Cardamom powder 1 tsp, butter 10 g and 2 tbsp of almonds and cashew. Mix well. Pour the mixture in a ghee greased plate. set aside for 10-15 minutes.and then make pieces.

Yummy Burfi is ready

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