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Milagu Vadai ( Pepper Vada)

Milagu vadai (Pepper vada) – Temple prasadam style is a tradition prasadam offered in Anjaneyar ( Hanuman) temple. This vada is crisp, spicy and tastes awesome. In temples they make a garland for Lord Anjaneya and it is popularly known as Vada malai. It is offered as prasadam. We can store these vadas for a longer period. I usually make pepper vada during Hanuman jayanthi festival. This festival falls during Tamil momth Margazhi every year.


Urad dal 1/2 cup

Crushed pepper — 2 tsp

Crystal salt

Oil 2 tbsp

Soaking time :20-30 minutes

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time : 20 minutes

Quantity 20 pieces



Text Procedure

Step 1

Soak urad dal for 20-30 minutes only. After that stain the water completely. Step 2

Transfer to mixer jar. Grind coarsely without adding water. Add in small amount quantities and grind so that the grinding process will be easier. Step 3

Dissolve crystal salt in water and add. ( If you plan to use table salt instead, then add it straight away.) Add rice flour, black pepper crushed coarsely and hot oil. Mix well. Now vada dough is tight like puri dough.

Step 4

Grease plantain leaf or parchment paper. Apply oil in hand. Take 1 lemon size dough. Place it on the banana leaf or parchment paper and flatten it.Make it into thin disc and then a hole at the centre.

Step 5

Heat oil in pan. Gently drop it. Fry in low medium flame. Fry both sides until it turns golden brown in colour, Oil bubbles should subside and this is an indication that frying process is over. Remove the crispy and hot milagu vada from oil. The crispy Anjaneya temple style vada or Vada mala style milagu vada is ready.

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