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Javvarisi vathal (ஜவ்வரிசி வற்றல்/ வடாம்)

Javvarisi vathal or vadam (ஜவ்வரிசி வற்றல்/ வடாம்) is deep fried and served as a side dish for sambar and rasam rice or any mixed rice. It can be also had as a evening snack. It is easily prepared using pressure cooker ,dried in sunlight and can be stored in a clean dry container for a long time. Some people add dried neem flower to get neem flavour. It is fried and served whenever required without spending much of a time. As mentioned above i used a pressure cooker for preparing the javvarisi koozhu. It is recommended to use heavy bottom pressure cooker with depth. In order to stir for uniform mixing of the ingredients, remember to use a ladle long enough that touches the bottom of the cooker otherwise javvarisi will settle at the bottom of the vessel and will get burnt quickly due to overheat since the stove will be in medium-high flame. Javvarisi vathal can be plain or you can add dried neem flower to the javvarisi koozhu to add neem flavour which is optional. Pour koozhu to form small pieces on a white cloth and allow it to sun dry for 3 days. Store the dried vathal in a clean container. It can be safely stored for more than a year. Whenever vathal is needed you can deep fry the quantity that you need and serve it with rice. It just can be consumed as a snack also.


Javvarisi/Sabudana 2 cups

Green chili 3-4 nos. C

umin seed 1 tbsp

Hing 1 tsp

Lemon juice 2 tbsp


Dried neem flower 1/4 tsp

Oil for deep fry

Preparation time = 05 min C

ooking time = 15 min

Makes = 200 nos. approx



Text Procedure

Step 1

Soak javvarisi /sago for 6 hours in water and strain

Step 2

Grind green chili in a mixie jar after adding little water

Step 3

In a heavy bottom pressure cooker add javvarisi,cumin seeds,hing,green chili paste, salt and water.

Step 4

Keep stove in medium high flame.Stir continuously. Once it starts boiling,close the lid and put weight valve. Turn off the stove immediately after the first whistle from the cooker.

Step 5

Open the lid after 10-15 minutes and add lemon juice and boiling water and mix well. Now Javvarisi koozhu is ready. Add dried neem flower for flavor if you like it. You can have a combination of plain Javvarisi vadam and vadam with neem flavor.

Step 6

Spread cotton cloth in sun light area.Take a table spoon of koozhu and pour on the cloth in approx. circular shape of 1 to 1.5 inch diameter. Let it dry in natural day sunlight.

Step 7

On day 2 , sprinkle water 2-3 times in the back of the cloth and leave it for 10 minutes. Thereafter remove the vadam pieces from the cloth carefully so that they don’t break and transfer to a plate and again allow it to dry in sunlight.

Step 8

On day 3, keep in sunlight for few hours. Now dried javvarisi vadam is ready. Store it in clean container.

Step 9

Take the required pieces of vadam from your storage.Deep fry in oil. Plain and neem flower flavored javvarisi vathal/vadam is now ready.

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