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How to make Jangri

Jangri recipe (jangiri recipe) | ஜாங்கிரி is a traditional festival sweet in southern India. It is also made during marriages and other functions. In northern India, it is called Imarti or Amarti. This sweet is also available in all sweet shops. I prefer to make at home as i can customize it to my taste preferences.


Urad dal – 1 small cup (100 ml)

Edible red color – 2 pinch or as required

Corn flour – 1 tbsp

Sugar – 3 small cups

Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp

Lemon juice – 2-3 tsp



Text Procedure

Jangri is very simple to make at home as it needs few ingredients that are commonly available in our homes. All we need is little practice to get a good shape.

Similarity between jangri and jilebi

Both are deep fried and both are sugar syrup dipprd dessert. Difference between Jangri and jilebi Both have different ingredient to make batter. fermentation is not required for jangri. Jangri has some defined shape while jalebi is just swirls. To get jangri right, jangri batter is very important. Step 1

Making Jangri batter Soak urad dal and small quantity of rice together for few hours and grind to paste by using small quantity of water. But nowadays we use wet grinder or mixer grinder to make the batter. If water quantity is more, we won’t get perfect batter. To make things easier, i soak only urad dal and grind it in either wet grinder or mixer grinder. In the dal batter i add corn flour or rice flour to make the batter for jangri.

Step 2

Making sugar syrup Sugar syrup consistency: One string consistency is sufficient for jangri. Or otherwise it will not absorb the sugar syrup. Note: We should use more sugar syrup for dipping fried jangri and remove in 2-3 minutes from syrup. So always left over sugar syrup will be there. We can use this for preparing other sweets like Badhusha, boondi laddu, shakarpara etc

Step 3

Making Jangri Traditionally jangri batter is squeezed by cloth. We can also use piping bags or polythene covers or zipper covers Fill batter in either one of the above make a tiny hole for piping jangri batter Experienced people can squeeze jangri batter straight into oil for frying.

Beginners- First dip a laddle in hot oil and take it out. Hold the ladle in one hand and start squeezing. Start squeezing 1 or 2 big circles and squeeze smaller circles overlapping each other on top of the big circle and it looks like flower shape. Gently dip this in hot oil with the ladle. The jangri design batter piece will leave the laddle in few seconds. You can use also use a plate instead of a ladle. Use flat bottom plate for deep frying

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