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How to make Homemade chocolate?

In this video i am demonstarting how to prepare delicious homemade cocoa chocolates in less than 10 minutes.The recipe is very simple using just 4 ingredients which will be easily available in every home. It Just take 6-7 minutes only to make the chocolates.You can make it fresh and avoid using any preservatives.
I made this recipe with dairy whitener. You can also use milk powder. A dairy whitener has more sugar content than milk powder. if you use milk powder, for every cup of milk powder use 3/4 cup of powdered sugar. You can grind sugar separately in a mixie to get powdered sugar.


Amulya dairy whitener1 cup
Powdered sugar ½ cup
Cocoa powder ¼ cup
Water ¼ cup
Butter 1 tbsp
Almonds & Walnuts 2 tbsp(optional)
Cooking time = 6-7 min
Makes = 36 pieces



Text Procedure

Step 1
Mix dairy whitener,good quality cocoa powder and almond-walnut pieces ( optional).

Step 2
Add water to sugar and heat in a low flame. Sugar dissolves
Step 3
Boil 4-5 minutes and check the consistency by taking few drops of syrup in a plate.Touch the sugar syrup between index finger and thumb. If you get one string consistency turn off the flame.
Step 4
Add butter and melt
Step 5
Add dairy whitener mixture. Mix quickly because it sets very fast.

Step 6
Spread in a flat base greased or parchment paper. Roll evenly using a flat pin.

Step 7
Make small pieces. Yummy delicious home made cocoa chocolate is ready

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