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How to make Butter at Home

In this post, the process of making butter at home easily from cream of curd or cream of milk with little effort and time is explained and demonstrated. There is no need to use blender or beater for the processing. Only a bigger vessel with a ladle is used for the butter processing.


Cream from Curd (Method 1)


Cream from Milk (Method 2)

For 2 cups of cream,Making Time: 5 minutes

Note: We have used Nandini milk (Karnataka) with 3.5% fat for curd cream/milk cream




Text Procedure

Method-1  Using cream of curd

Step 1

Collect the cream from curd and store it in the freezer compartment of your refrigerator. Accumulate the collection in freezer for 25-30 days.Before preparation of butter, shift from freezer to fridge rack and keep for 4-5 hours. Mixie and blender can be avoided to save time. We can use bigger vessel and ladle instead. Transfer the stored cream to the vessel.

Step 2

Beat the cream of curd with ladle  till curd and butter get separated. It is expected that within 3-4 minutes curd and butter separate. Add 1/2 cup water and beat for 30 secs. Curd gets diluted to butter milk.


Step 3

Using strainer, remove the butter from butter milk. Dip butter in water to remove sticking curd. Fresh home made butter is now ready.




Method-2 Using cream of milk

Step 1

Take the cream from boiled and cooled milk and store in freezer. Accumulate cream for 20-25 days. Before butter preparation, shift from freezer to fridge rack for 4-5 hours. Transfer the cream to a bigger vessel

Step 2

Beat the cream with ladle till the cream becomes stiff. After 3-4 mins of beating, cream gets stiff and becomes hard to beat. Add 1/2 cup water to loosen.Beat again for 1 minute.


Observe the consistency. If Consistency is semi solid, add 1/2 cup water and beat for another 30 sec. Butter separates from milk.Collect the butter in a strainer.Wash the butter in fresh water.Fresh home made butter is ready.


Step 3

Collect the diluted milk and warm it.Curdle the milk and keep aside.Buttermilk will be ready after 6 hours

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