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Healthy Millet Bar

This is a healthy bar made using nutritious millet items like Pearl millet/Bajra/Kambu and Sorghum/Jowar/Vellai cholam with other tasty and protein rich ingredients such as almonds,peanuts, dry fruits etc. Natural brown sugar is used instead of white sugar. This is ideal for travel and picnics and is a substitute for breakfast. It is gluten free and can be prepared without much effort. It can be stored in air tight container .


Pearl Millet(Bajra/Kambu)         -1/3 cup

Sorghum(Jowar/vellai cholam)  -1/3 cup

Almonds(shredded)                   -1/4 cup

Walnuts(shredded)                    -1/4 cup

Melon seeds                              -1/4 cup

Dry roasted peanuts                  -1/4 cup

Dry roasted sesame seeds         -1 tbsp

Dry roasted flax seeds                -1 tsp

Cinnamon powder                     -1/2 tsp

Natural brown sugar                 -3/4 cup

Honey                                        -1/4 cup

Ghee                                          -2 tbsp

Dates(shredded)                        -1/4 cup

Table salt (Only for roasting)      – 1 cup

Preparation time                        – 30 minutes

Cooking time                             – 15 minutes


Both text/image based procedure as well as video procedures are presented below:

Cleaning Bajra and Jowar


Bajra and Jowar can be washed and dried in sun light. Alternatively it can be cleaned with a damp cloth and then  wiped with a dry cloth.

Roasting Bajra and Jowar

One method is to roast directly in a pan. Alternative method is to roast using table salt.

Step 1

Heat Pan in low flame. Dry roast  Bajra in small quantities.  Allow it to pop completely. Then transfer it to a bowl. Add again small quantity of Bajra for roasting. Repeat the process till all Bajra is roasted.


Step 2

Heat pan in medium-high flame. Add 1 cup of table salt. Add small quantity of jowar and wait for it to pop. As it starts to pop, cover it with a lid with a small gap to stir it. Once it pops completely, then remove the cover and transfer the roasted Jowar to a bowl. Add another small quantity and repeat the process till all jowar is roasted.


Step 3

Coarse grind roasted Bajra in a mixie and transfer to a bowl. Also coarse grind the Jowar  and transfer to a bowl. Mix both the ground Bajra and Jowar.


Step 4

Make a mixture of shredded almonds,walnuts, roasted peanuts,melon seeds, dry roasted sesame seeds and flax seeds. Add cinnamon powder.


Step 5

Heat Pan in low flame and add 1 tsp of ghee. Add 1/4 cup of shredded Dates and saute till it becomes soft.


Step 6

Add 1 1/2 tbsp of ghee. Add 3/4 cup of natural brown sugar, 1/4 cup honey. As sugar starts to melt , stir well for 3-4 minutes.


Step 7

Add the nut and dry fruit  mixture. Mix well. Also add the ground Bajra-Jowar mixture. Mix well for 1 minute. Then transfer the mixture to a tray with parchment paper. Even out the mixture with a flat base. Allow the mixture to harden.


Step 8

Now make rectangular/ square pieces with a knife and transfer to a  plate. Healthy millet bar is ready. It can be stored in air tight containers.



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