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Gokulashtami Festival Recipes- Important Tips

Gokulashtami and Sri Krishnajayanti festivals are celebrated every year all over India with lot of devotion and enthusiasm. People make several items ( Bakshanams) both sweet and salty during these festivals.

In this post I am giving some special tips based on my experience to avoid certain mistakes while preparing these items.

The individual items have been separately published earlier in this web site and you can go through the same.

The important items prepared for this festival is as follows. These have already been published earlier. You can click on the item to view the recipes.

1. Kai Murukku

2. Uppu Seedai

3.Vella Seedai

4.Mullu murukku


6. Sweet Appam

7.Aval Payasam

I am sharing now the tips based on my experience to avoid the mistakes that is some times made which result in not good experience with the items especially Kai murukku, Uppu seedai, vella seedai and Mullu murukku . These items have to be crispy but they should not be hard on the teeth. They should melt in the mouth. Sometimes if something goes wrong we end up having a very hard item that you can not grind with your teeth.

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