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How to get rid of Cockroaches from your Kitchen

Most of our homes have closed kitchen cabinets and cockroaches are a major problem. They live and thrive in the kitchen cabinets and getting rid of them is very difficult.

I have always faced this problem of cockroaches and have tried all the possible cockroach repellents available in the market. But they have not really helped in reducing them fully. I am completely against using repellent sprays in the kitchen as there is always a chance of food contamination and with kids around one can hardly take a chance.

Then once I experimented with Neem oil and you won’t believe it, the number of cockroaches reduced drastically. I have shared my experiences with my friends and relatives and all have given me a positive response.

Neem oil is very safe, Eco friendly and inexpensive. The expenditure  may be around Rs.20/- per application.

Step by step procedure for application of Neem oil is given below:

Items required:

  • Neem oil
  • Double sided sticking tape
  • Small brush
  • Plastic cup for holding neem oil


Video Demonstration

Step by Step Procedure

Here is the model of kitchen cabinet for demonstration:

Step 1:

Remove the lower most drawer from the cabinet for easy application.

If possible, you may also stick the tape without removing the drawer as shown below:

Step 2

Paste the double sided tape (approx 15 cm in length each side) on either side of the wall as shown. Remove the top paper from the double sided tape to expose the sticky side. This way we can easily apply the neem oil without causing stains on the inner walls of the cabinet and the tape can be replaced as and when required.



Step 3

Apply neem oil over the tape on both sides with the help of a small paint brush.

If you have pasted the tape without removing the drawer, then apply oil without removing the drawer as shown.

Step 4

Fit the drawer back into the cabinet.

Step 5

Repeat the above procedure for the top drawers and other cabinets. Once the paper tape is fixed inside the cabinet, the oil can be applied without having to remove the drawers and subsequent applications is easy. Initially you may have to apply neem oil daily. The frequency of application can be reduced as the cockroach population comes down.

The results will be drastically visible within one or two applications. The paper tape can be changed as and when found necessary.


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