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In this Post, I show you how to make use of your old newspaper and thermocol from packaging material and make some useful craft at home.

Do it Yourself craft- How to make- 1. Tray and cup from newspaper 2. Paper mache mountain using thermocol.

As many of us are at home due to the present nation wide lock down , I am publishing a video on craft work.

Make tray and cup from newspaper

Step 1

Take maida and water. Mix well. Heat the mixture. Stir continuously till you get semi solid paste. Cut newspaper into small pieces.

Step 2

Take one steel cup and plastic cup which will be moulds. Cover them with polythene sheet to take the shape of the mould.

Step 3

Apply maida paste on the covered mould. Then take a small pieces of paper cutting, dip them in maida paste and place it on the mould. Continue the process till the paper covers the mould fully. Ensure the mould is covered fully without any gaps.Gently press on all sides so that paper pieces stick properly. Now the first layer of the pasting paper is finished. In the same fashion, cover the mould again with two more layers of paper.

Step 4

Now three layers of paper is pasted on the mould. Trim the edges. Sundry for 1 day.

Step 5

Now the paper cup is fully dried. Remove the mould and the paper cup is ready.

Step 6

Trim the edges. Apply little maida and seal edges properly. Step 7

Apply primer paint on paper cups. Let it dry. Then apply paint with colour of your choice both outside and inside the cup

Step 8

In the same manner you can make paper plate, taking any steel plate as a mould. Now colurful cups and trays are ready. The trays and cups are very eco friendly. They can be used during Navaratri and functions to display some novelty.

DIY Craft – Paper mache and thermocol mountain

Step 1

Take 6-8 sheets of newspaper and cut into very small pieces. Soak in water for 6 hours.

Step 2

In a mixie jar,add sufficient water. Then add little quantity of soaked paper. Grind and collect the paper pulp in a cloth. After grinding all the paper in small quantities and storing in a cloth, squeeze the cloth and extract and remove 70-75% water from it. Now the paper mache clay is ready. Keep this paper mache clay in a closed container and store in a refrigerator.

Step 3

Take one portion of clay in a bowl and some quantity of maida, salt and cooking oil. Mix well and make a soft dough. Add little water if required.

Step 4

Take used thermocol packaging material. Cut into pieces of medium and small sizes.

Step 5 Take one flat thermocol sheet of around 15 inches length. It is planned to make a mountain of 10-11 inches length,6-7 inches width and 9-10 inches in height.

Step 6

Now we start to make the first layer of mountain. Take the flat thermocol piece which will be base piece. Arrange bigger pieces closely on the base piece by applying clay. You can cover 10-11 inches length and 5-6 inches width. Gaps can be covered using small pieces and clay. Press so that the pieces are sticking properly. Continue to arrange the big and small piece combination so as to get the look of mountain.As the mountain rocks are not uniform, we can have the combination of pieces to get the same effect.

Step 7

Add little water to paper mache clay and paste it to cover any gaps in between. Sundry for two days.

Step 8

The paper mache mountain is dried completely. It is ready for coloring. You can choose one or more colors to get a look of natural mountain. Note Use neem leaf and grind it along with soaked paper during paper mache clay preparation or use neem oil and mix it with paint to avoid ants/insects trying to eat away the maida.

Step 9

You can use apply first coat with brown colour. Let it dry 50% . Apply second coat with yellow and a drop of black paint mix. Apply in patches to get original mountain look. Once it dries, beautiful paper mache mountain is ready. You can use it during Navaratri festival for display.

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