Dharbai Grass Pavithram

3 Dharbai Grass ( Tamil “3 DharbaiPul” or “3 pul” in short) pavithram is made using 3 nos. Dharbai and is worn in the ring finger during Amavasya and shradham occassions. It may be noted that for marriage and thread ceremony functions 2 pul or 2 dharbai grass pavithram is worn. It may be noted that for bigger occasions such as marriages or thread ceremony the priest who is conducting the marriage takes care of the procedures as per the customs and veda. When we do smaller events like Amavasya tharpanam which is to be done on monthly basis, usually we do not get priests for conducting the function. Though nowadays we get pavithrams from some shops in some cities still we have difficulties. Knowledge of making pavithrams helps to a great extent. This post therefore covers the procedure for making the 3 dharbai grass or 3 pul pavithram.




Text Procedure

Step 1

Take 3 nos. of dharbai each cut to 5 fist size lengths. Hold the three pointing type ends with left hand and slowly twist by rotation gently with the right hand.

Step 2

Once the 3 nos. dharbai is twisted , hold both ends in one hand. The 3 ply dharbai will make few rotations as it is twisted and form a loop.Now twist the two layers of 3 ply dharbai to form 6 ply dharbai. The 3 ply loop is maintained at some what bigger than the ring finger size.

Step 3

Again bring the two ends together. Now we have 3 ply loop and 6 ply dharbai. Insert the 6 ply dharbai into the 3 ply loop and pull from the other side. Now we have 3 ply loop and 6 ply loop as shown.


Step 4

Now ensure that 3 ply loop gap or hole is sufficient to wear it on the ring finger. Now make few twists on the 6 ply loop to reduce the hole size.


Step 5

Now insert the 6 ply dharbai into the 6 ply loop and pull it out. 3 dharbai grass Pavithram ( 3 pul pavithram) is ready

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