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Deepavali Legium 2019

Deepavali Legium (தீபாவளி லேகியம்/ மருந்து) is a home made medicine for easy digestion as we take lots of sweets and savouries during the festival.This legium is taken first before eating sweets. Although legiyums are available in the market, home made legiyums are better as they made with high quality and without commercial intentions. Legiyum can be stored in refrigerator for longer duration.It is preferred to make Legiyum powder at home and store in air tight container for longer use. It cuts down the time to make legiyum whenever we want.


ஓமம் Carom seeds 50 g
மிளகு Black pepper 10 g
சீரகம் Cumin seeds 10 g
தனியா Coriander seeds 10 g
சுக்கு Dry ginger 10 g
சித்தரத்தை Chitharathai 10 g
கண்டதிப்பிலி Kandathipili 10 g
அரிசி திப்பிலி Arisi thipili 10 g
வெல்லம் Jaggery 1 cup heaped
நெய் Ghee 4 tsp
தேன் Honey 1 tbsp



Text Procedure

Step 1
Chitharathai and Sukku are hard to a mixie. So break them into small pieces.
Step 2
Start dry roasting Chitharathai and kandathippili for 2 minutes and then add all other ingredients and continue till the ingredients are hot to touch. There is no need to roast more.
Step 3
Transfer to mixie jar and dry grind at room temperature.
Step 4
Sieve the powder. Now Legiyum powder is ready. You can store the powder in air tight container for use when required to make Legiyum.
Step 5
Transfer the residue (unsieved bigger size powder) back into mixie jar, add little water and wet grind . As it is all having medicinal values there is no need to strain the ground mixture further.
Step 6
Measure the powder and take the same quantity of jaggery. For 1 cup powder, take one cup heaped jaggery.
Step 7
Dissolve jaggery then boil for few minutes in low flame.
Step 8
Keep water in a bowl . Take a sample of jaggery syrup. Pour in water and roll it . It should be soft to roll. This state is called “Thakkali padam” in Tamil.
Step 9
At this stage add legiyum powder and the wet ground mixture. Stir continuously.After few minutes, it starts thickeneing.
Step 10
Add ghee and cardamom powder. Mix well and turn off the stove.
Step 11
Now legiyum is slightly sticky.Leave it for half an hour.(because of jaggery it will be hard to stir)
Step 12
After 1/2 hour, just take a sample of legiyum in plate and roll it. If it is not sticky in your fingers, then legiyum is ready. If it is sticky then stir for 3-4 minutes in low flame.

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