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Bread Paniyaram

Bread paniyaram in an easy and quick to cook  snack which has mixed vegetable fillings and hence healthy too. Both Elders and children would love the taste and crispness of paniyaram. Several options on the choice of vegetables add to the variations. It is  normally made in paniyaram tava. However It can also be made in a oven.


Corn(Steamed & ground)  — 1 cup

Green Pepper(chopped)  — ¼  cup

Red Pepper(chopped)  — ¼ cup

Coriander leaves(chopped)  — ¼ cup

Green chilli paste  — 1 tsp

Salt    — to taste

Butter  — 1 tbsp

Bread  slice  — 9 nos.

Maida  — 1 tbsp

Preparation time : 15 minutes

Cooking time        : 08 minutes

Makes                    : 9 nos.


A) The step by step procedure is explained with text and image:

Step 1

Add the ingredients- steamed and ground corn, chopped green pepper (green capsicum),chopped red pepper( red capsicum), chopped coriander leaves, green chili paste and salt to a bowl.


Step 2

Mix the ingredients thoroughly. The filling is ready


Step 3

Mix 1 table spoon of maida with 2 table spoon of water .


Step 4:

Remove the edges from the bread slices. Apply maida paste on the bread slice on one side.


Step 5

Apply the filling on the bread slice. Close on all sides. Press and rotate to form a ball shape. The bread balls with stuffings are now ready



Step 6:

Heat Paniyaram tava in medium flame. Apply butter on all the moulds. Apply butter on the bread ball also and then place in the tava mould. After 2-3 min flip all the bread balls.


Step 7

Once all sides have been turned, apply again butter on the bread balls. Flip it 2-3 times to ensure uniform cooking. Once the bread balls (paniyaram) turn golden brown it is cooked and ready to be served.



B) The step by step process is demonstrated in the following video:

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