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Northa Ilai podi | Veppilai katti | Citron leaf powder

Healthy Northa Ilai Podi | Veppilai katti | Citron leaf powder -Northa Ilai Podi or citron leaf powder improves appetite and aids in digestion. It is good for people especially who suffer from digestive problems. This podi is rich in vitamin C and is an healthy alternative to pickles. It tastes great when taken along […]

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Karadaiyan Nonbu Vella Kozhukattai/ Nonbu adai is a sweet made during the Karadaiyan festival which is celebrated by ladies in Tamil Nadu following the end of Tamil month masi and starting of Panguni. The married woman prey for long life of their husbands. Ingredients Red bean / Karamani – 2 tbsp Rice flour – 1 […]

Breakfast/Tiffin Food Recipes Instant dosa recipes

Tomato Dosa with curry leaf chutney

Tomato Dosa is a tasty as well as easy and quick to make breakfast. Currey leaves chutney forms a good combination for tomato dosa. The main ingredients for tomato dosa are tomatoes, raw rice. moong dal & beaten rice In order to prepare the batter rice and dal have to be soaked for 2 hours […]

Breakfast/Tiffin Food Recipes Powder/Podi

How to make Idli milgai podi & Podi Idli

Podi idli recipe is very famous in south indian restaurants as well most of the idli lovers home. Adding flavours to podi idli enhaces the taste and adds to the variety. Here i tried out of 3 flavours namely plain, garlic flavour and tangy and spicy flavour. Podi idli is basically coating on both sides […]

Food Recipes Side dish

Shahi paneer |Shahi paneer with white gravy

Shahi Paneer / Shahi paneer with white gravy – Paneer is Indian cottage cheese made by curdling the milk. You can either curdle the milk with lemon juice or vinegar or yogurt. Paneer is used in a number of poular side dishes like shahi paneer or palak paneer or matar paneer. We can make fresh […]

Bakery Items Food Recipes

Homemade eggless burger buns without oven | Homemade stuffed buns without an oven

Homemade eggless burger buns without oven| Homemade stuffed buns without an oven – I have tried out a unique and easy method of baking eggless buns– plain / burger and stuffed buns at home using a pressure pan /cooker without using an electrical oven . I also used 100% whole wheat flour avoiding maida. I […]