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7 Useful tips for your daily life

This post on 7 Useful tips for Daily life describes some of the problems encountered in our daily life especially in the kitchen and gives simple solutions that would give  immediate relief.



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Tip 1

Generally we do salt water gargling for sore throat.This is fine at home. But what do you do if you are away from home or where it is not convenient to gargle? In such a case pack some salt and pepper in your bag. When you feel uncomfortable with your throat,take a pinch of salt and two nos.pepper, bite and eat.You will get immediate relief.

Tip 2

Suppose you have left over rice and it is cold. Here is an easy way to reheat.Add 1 tbsp of of water to left over rice,
Keep in pressure cooker for three minutes.and stove in low flame.You will have hot rice once again.

Tip 3

Have you accidentally touched or come into contact with hot stuff in the kitchen? This may be common occurrence for many people. Immediately keep the affected part under running cold water for 10 minutes. Then gently press with a towel to absorb water and apply 1 tsp of honey. You will get relief

Tip 4

If you store bananas at home you will find a host of fruit flies surrounding the bananas.To keep the fruit flies away , cover the top of banana bunch with aluminium foil or plastic cover.This helps in keeping fruit flies away and slows down the ripening process.

Tip 5

Do you face the problem of ants and cockroaches frequently invading your kitchen cupboards?If so then apply Neem oil with a small brush along the edges.Wipe of extra oil with cotton.It will keep the insects away.

Tip 6

If you are working with more quantity of green chillies you have chilli burn.To get relief apply coconut oil in both the hands and then wash with soap water and apply coconut oil again.This will give you relief.You can also apply milk with cream.

Tip 7

For dry skin you need not go for costly cream.Mix equal quantities of Glycerine and water and store in a bottle.Apply preferably at night before sleeping to your hands legs toe cracks and any where in your body except face. Regular application will give you a smooth skin.

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