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Varu Payaru/ Hurigalu

Are you feeling bored and feel like munching something? Why not try this famous Hurigalu/ Varu Payaru?

Hurigalu as it is popularly known in Karnataka and Varu Payaru as it is known in Tamil Nadu is a healthy dry roasted lentils snack that can be prepared easily and stored for long periods in air tight containers.( Please avoid coconut mix if you want to store for long period).The preparation is without oil and is suitable for all age groups.


Green gram                     -1/4 cup

Chick Peas                       – 1/4 cup

Horse gram                     – 1/4 cup

Thattapayiru /Karamani/Moth bean  -1/4 cup

Pea nuts                          – 1/4 cup

Hing                               – 1/2 tsp

Turmeric powder           – 1/2 tsp

Chilli powder                 – 1 tsp

Dry coconut pieces  (Optional)  -12-15 nos. ( Please avoid if you want to store for a longer duration)

Table Salt (for roasting only)    -1 cup ( Dry Roasting the ingredients along with table salt ensures uniformity in


Soaking time                      – 7-8 hours

Drying time ( in shade)     – 3-4 hours

Cooking time                     – 30 minutes




Text/ Image based Procedure

Step 1

Take 1/4 cup of Green gram,Chickpeas,Horse gram,Karamani and Peanuts and
soak for 7-8 hours.


Step 2

After soaking period is over, wash the lentils in fresh water and drain


Step 3

Spread on a muslin cloth and dry in shade for 3-4 hours.


After 3-4 hours drying, no moisture will be present. The lentils have become dry and soft.


Step 4

Heat Pan with low-medium flame and  add table salt 1 cup and allow it to get heated for 3-4 minutes.


Step 5

Add green gram for roasting. Stir continuously for uniform roasting. Once it starts popping, cover partially with lid, keeping sufficient gap for stirring. Take few samples of green gram from pan and eat to test if it is crisp. If crisp,remove the green grams using strainer ladle.



Step 6

Now add Karamani for dry roasting. The procedure is similar to green gram. After Karamani is roasted and taken out of the pan, roast the other lentils in the similar fashion.

Step 7

Sieve the roasted and mixed ingredients to remove any left out salt.


Step 8

Dry roast coconut in plain pan and add (optional)

Step 9

Take Hing 1/2 tsp in a bowl. Add Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp,Chilli powder 1 tsp and mix with 3-4 tbsp of water. There is no need to add salt as the ingredients are roasted with salt.


Step 10

Heat all the roasted ingredients for 1 min in low flame. Add  Hing-turmeric-chilli mixture. Stir well.

Transfer to a plate. Store in air tight container.


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