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How to make Idli milgai podi & Podi Idli

Podi idli recipe is very famous in south indian restaurants as well most of the idli lovers home. Adding flavours to podi idli enhaces the taste and adds to the variety. Here i tried out of 3 flavours namely plain, garlic flavour and tangy and spicy flavour. Podi idli is basically coating on both sides […]

Breakfast/Tiffin Food Recipes

How to make Idli Batter Recipe | Idli Maavu Recipe | Soft Idli recipe | Masala Idli recipe at home

Idli is the healthiest breakfast of Indian cuisine and staple food of south india. Idli is a soft and fluffy steamed cake made of fermented rice and lentil batter.Idli is a fermented food and fermentation increases bio availability of minerals in food helping the body to assimilate more nutrition. This is what makes idli suitable […]