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How to make soft poruvilanga urundai- a healthy protein rich laddu

Poruvilanga Urundai ( also called Porivilangai urundai) is a healthy protein laddu. It is a traditional multigrain balls made with jaggery and mostly made in homes from southern part of India.We can make this urundai ( refers to round shape in Tamil language) in several combinations of multigrains and pulses of our choice.So it is not necessary to use some particular ingredient alone. Hence it is called poruvilangai urundai ( meaning can’t understand the ingredients). Generally it used to be very hard and often needed a hammer to break or keep it in the mouth for a long time to make it soften.It is for this reason people hesitate to try this recipe. However my mother and grand mother used to make it often during my childhood days. In my recipe I am using ghee as the softener and in the process i could make a tastier and soft poruvilangai urundai. This is recommended for people of all ages and is protein rich.


Boiled rice(புழுங்கலரிசி) 1/3 cup

Moong bean (பச்சைப்பயிறு) 1/3 cup

Roasted chana dal 1/3 cup

(பொட்டுக்கடலை )

Ghee 1/4 cup

Cardamom(ஏலக்காய்) 6 nos.

Dry ginger(சுக்கு) 1 tbsp

Chopped coconut 2 tbsp

(நறுக்கிய தேங்காய்)

Jaggery (வெல்லம்) 1 cup

Preparation time 10 min

Cooking time 30 min

Makes 10 nos.



Text procedure

Step 1

Dry roast all the ingredients in low flame separately till it turns golden brown.

Step 2

Add cardamom and dry ginger powder to the roasted ingredient mixture and dry grind in a mixie. Now roasted flour is ready

Step 3

Roast chopped coconut in ghee. Heat ghee in the same pan. Add it to the roasted flour and mix well.

Step 4
Make jaggery syrup in low medium flame by boiling jaggery in water for few minutes. Look for perfect consistency of jaggery syrup. Test consistency as follows: Add few drops of syrup in water kept in bowl. Take it and roll it.It should be neither sticky nor hard. It should be soft and easy to roll smoothly. Then it is the right consistency.

Step 5

Add the syrup to the roasted flour. Mix well. Make round balls (Urundai) when it is hot. Apply ghee or rice flour in your hand while making it urundai if you feel it hot to touch.

Healthy protein rich and soft laddu popularly known as Poruvilangai urundai (porivilangai urundai) which is soft and easily melts in the mouth ready

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