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Northa Ilai podi | Veppilai katti | Citron leaf powder

Healthy Northa Ilai Podi | Veppilai katti | Citron leaf powder -Northa Ilai Podi or citron leaf powder improves appetite and aids in digestion. It is good for people especially who suffer from digestive problems. This podi is rich in vitamin C and is an healthy alternative to pickles. It tastes great when taken along with curd rice. Veppilai katti is another name for this podi although it has nothing to do with veppilai ( neem leaf). This podi is sold in some shops in the name of veppilai katti and it comes out in the shape of small balls. In this post i mixed lemon leaves and curry leaves along with citron leaves to get a better aroma. This podi can be stored for 3-4 months in refrigerator. Of three leaves combination, curry leaves are easily available in the market . Some people have lemon tree and citron tree in their house. We have to source these leaves through known contacts.


Citron leaf| Lemon leaf | Curry leaf | combined – 3 cups

Carom seed – 3 tsp

Hing – 1 tsp

Salt – 3 tsp

Red chili – 13-15 nos



Text procedure

Step 1
Collect slightly tender fresh citron and lemon leaves and fresh curry leaves. Rinse twice in water. Spread these in cotton cloth and dry it in shade for about 8 hours. the colour of the leaves should be green and not dry.
Step 2
Remove veins(நடு நாறு) from the citron and lemon leaves.Tear the leaves into small pieces. Mix all the leaves (citron,lemon and curry) together

Step 3

In a mixer grinder jar add carom seeds,red chili,hing and salt.Dry grind.

Step 4

Add small quantity of leaves along with dry ground powder and dry grind. Add rest of the leaves in batches and grind. This helps to grind the leaves without much of struggle for the grinder which sometimes may get stuck when the load is more. Now the Northa Ilai Podi is ready. Make small balls out of these powder (Called Veppilai katti). Store in a glass jar and keep it in refrigerator. The podi can be used for 3-4 months time.

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