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Karadaiyan Nonbu Vella Kozhukattai/ Nonbu adai is a sweet made during the Karadaiyan festival which is celebrated by ladies in Tamil Nadu following the end of Tamil month masi and starting of Panguni. The married woman prey for long life of their husbands.


Red bean / Karamani – 2 tbsp

Rice flour – 1 cup

Jaggery – 1 cup

Grated coconut – 1/4 cup

Cardamom powder – 1 tsp


Text Procedure

You can make this nonbu vella adai in readymade rice flour or homemade rice flour.
How to make homemade rice flour ?

Soak raw rice for 1 hour in water. after 1 hour strain the water completely. Spread rice in a muslin cloth and dry in shadefor 20-30 minutes. After 30 minutes transfer to mixer jar and grind to make powder. Sieve it. Now homemade rice flour is ready.

Step 1

Roast red bean (Karamani) for 2 minutes with stove in medium flame. Rinse it and transfer to pressure pan. Pressure cook for 6-7 whistles.

Step 2

In a pan, add rice flour. Dry roast until the flour turns pale colour and you get rice aroma.

Step 3

Dissolve sugar syrup and boil for 5 minutes. Add cooked red bean,grated coconut and cardamom powder and finally roasted rice flour. Keep stove in low medium flame. Stir continuously until the dough is non sticky. Keep aside for 10 minutes and allow it to cool.

Step 4

Take a big lemon sized dough. Roll it and the flatten it by palm of your hand.Pressure at the center of the flat portion. Repeat the process for the remaing dough.

Step 5

In a steamer, add 2 cups water and boil it.Arrange all adais (dough pressed into flat pieces)on a idli plate or steamer plate. Steam for 10 minutes and turn off stove. Open after 10 minutes. Now Nonbu vella adai is ready to be served.

Step 6

In a plantain leaf, keep on the lefthand side of the plantain leaf, sugar and outer skin peeled banana on top of sugar. Keep nobu vella adai and butter at the center.


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