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Mint Coriander Pulao / PUDHINA CORIANDER GREEN RICE / புதினா கொத்தமல்லி ரைஸ்

MINT CORIANDER PULAO/ PUDHINA CORIANDER GREEN RICE / புதினா கொத்தமல்லி ரைஸ்- It is a healthy nutricious,healthy and delicious item well suited for packages lunch. Its green colour as well as the flavour of mint leaves make it very appealing.The coconut milk adds unique taste and flavour along with moderate spices makes this pulao distinct from other pulao varieties.In this pulao no onion or garlic is used so as to allow the aroma of mint and coriander leaves stand out. This pulao goes well with cucumber raita.


Basumati rice 1 cup
Cinnamon 3 sticks
Cumin seeds 1 tsp
Cloves 5 nos.
Bay leaf 2 nos.
Anise star 1 no.
Ginger(shredded) 1 tbsp
Green chili 2 nos.(slit)
Peas ¼ cup
Mint leaf(Pudina)1 cup
Coriander leaf 1 cup
Coconut milk ½ cup
Capsicum ¼ cup
Ghee 1 tsp
Oil 4 tsp
Lemon ½ piece



Text Procedure

Step 1
Soak basumati rice for 1/2 hour and strain after the soaking period is over
Step 2
In a pressure cooker heat oil and ghee. Add spices, ginger ( shredded) and green chili (slit). Saute for 1 minute.
Step 3
Add rice, peas, coconut milk,salt and hot water. Keep the stove in medium flame and keep for 1 whistle.
Step 4
Grind coarsely fresh pudina(mint leaves) and coriander leaves without adding water
Step 5
Heat Oil in a pan .Add cumin seeds and capsicum. Saute
Step 6
Add coarsely ground green paste ,little salt and saute to get good aroma.
Step 7
Add cooked rice.Mix well
Step 8
Turn off the stove.Squueze 1/2 cut lemon piece on the green rice.Mix well.
Colourful and tasty Mint coriander green pulao (Pudhina coriander green rice) is ready

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