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Manoharam is a traditional south indian sweet dish prepared for functions like marriages, seemantham , thread ceremony etc and offered as seer bhakshanam. Paruppu thengai koodu is a pair of conical shaped containers filled with ground nuts or boondis or fried grams or manoharam or cashews.

Ready metal koodu is readily available in the market.Instead of ready koodu, i tried with birthday cardboard cones with parchment paper stuck inside and greased with ghee.In case of metal koodu it is slightly difficult to take out the paruppu thengai without breaking. But the process i adopted was so easy to remove


Thenguzhal flour 2 cups
(தேங்குழல் மாவு)
Salt 1 pinch
Butter 2 tbsp
Jaggery 2 cups
Cardamom powder 1 tsp
Dry ginger powder 1 tbsp
Oil for deep fry
Preparation time = 15 min
Cooking time = 45 min




Making cone shaped mould
In 8″ cardboard square sheet, draw an arc line of 8″ radius and cut

Step 2

Pste parchment paper of same size on one side

Step 3
Bring the edges together and make it as a cone by sticking the edges. Prepare two identical moulds

Thenguzhal preparation

Step 1

Sieve thenguzhal flour. Add1 pinch of salt and butter. Mix well

Step 2

Add small amount of water 2-3 times. Knead to get non sticky stiff dough but not hard

Step 3
Fill the dough in murukku maker using three hole die ( thenguzhal achhu)

Step 4

Heat oil in medium flame. Drop a small piece of dough in oil to test oil temperature. If it rises up , then the oil is at right temperature.

Step 5

Squeeze the through the achhu directly in oil. Since the thenguzhal is going to broken into pieces, we need not worry abou the shape.

Step 6
After few minutes, flip to the other side for uniform frying. When the colour turns to golden brown remove from oil. Complete the process till all of dough is fried as thenguzhal.

Step 7

Break thenguzhal into small pieces

Making the Jaggery syrup

Step 1

Take same amount of Jaggery as thenguzhal mauvu (flour).

Step 2
Add some water and melt jaggery. Strain the jaggery syrup and remove the sediments

Step 4
Boil sysrup in low medium flame

Step 5

After 4-5 minutes it starts thickening

Step 6

Take few drops of syrup and drop in water in a vessel

Step 7

Collect the syrup and roll it. If it is soft boil for some more time.

Step 8

After3-4 minutes again test with few drops of syrup sample in water.Roll it again, It should be non sticky and if you drop it on a plate you must hear the ‘tung’ sound. Then syruo is in correct consistency.

Manoharam Paruppu Thengai & Manoharam urundai

Step 1
Pour sysrup on broken thenguzhal pieces. Mix well to get a uniform coat.

Step 2
Fill the paper cone with coated thenguzhal. Press well after each filling to make it tight.
Step 3
For manoharam urundai, apply some rice flour in your palm and take some coated thenguzhal and press it by hand to get a round shape.

Step 4

AFter 10-15 minutes remove the paper cone mould. Now keep the two manoharam paruppu thengai (cone shaped) and two manoharam urundai (ball) and offer as Seer Bhakshanam.

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