DIY- Make Ganesha Idol at Home with clay

DIY- Make Ganesha Idol at Home |வீட்டிலேயே மண் பிள்ளையார் செய்வது எப்படி?

As Ganesh chathurthi is approaching, how nice it would be to make our own Ganesha Idol at home and showing our creativity. So this year, I made an attempt although I am only a novice and not a professional in this art. But i realized that it it is not all that difficult as i assumed in the beginning and i succeeded in making Vinayagar or pillaiyar to my satisfaction.

You need approximately about 1 hour to make the idol and approximately 24 hours to dry.


Clay 1 1/2 kg

Ganesha idol quantity 1 no.

Time for making 1 hour approximately

Time required for drying 24 hours approximately

Tools and accessories required



Ballpoint pen refill

Kitchen knife

Sketch pen cover

Piece of cloth

Mug with water


You source your clay from any nearby shop who make pots. These details can be seen through google search. Also it is available online ecommerce stores.

Keep your hands dry before smoothening. Just wet your fingersand stroke gently on the idol to remove any cracks or finger prints.

Keep Ganesha’s base on a wet cloth. You should remove the idol from the cloth only after the idol has completely dried which could be a day or 24 hours approximately.

Please watch the video for more details

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