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12 Must Have Tools for Home Maintenance

My husband loves to work with tools. In fact he has so many tools, you name it and he has it.He can fix any small repairs in the house, so much so that we have never really felt the need to call a plumber or electrician for small repairs in the house.

Recently a friend of mine wanted the tube light in his house to be changed.He had a tough time to get some one to replace it. He desperately tried calling all the electricians in his phone book. Finally he managed to get one, after 3-4 hours of continuous follow up.So much effort and money had gone into changing one tube light.

That is when I decided to write this blog with my husband’s help. In this blog I want to familiarize you with the 12 ” Must have tools” for your house maintenance. I am sure this information will be beneficial to most of you.

I also plan to write about how to fix some common repairs in the house in the upcoming blogs.

 Pipe Wrench

This is a most commonly used tool for plumbing purposes. It has grooved jaws for gripping pipes or taps. The jaw gap can be set for the size of pipe/ tap  to be gripped by rotating the knob in the appropriate direction.


Spanner set

The spanner set provides various sizes of spanners to be used according to the size of the nut to be tightened or loosened. Many  items such as cots, slotted angle shelves can be assembled or dismantled or tightened as per requirement using these tools.

Screw driver set

The screw driver set of different sizes are extremely useful in the house for fixing/removing electrical switch boards, fixing photo frames, providing new electrical connections etc. The set contains both flat head as well as round star head for flat screws and star screws respectively.

Hack saw

This is a small saw for cutting PVC pipes,curtain aluminum rods.


This is very useful in the house for driving nails in the walls,  straightening any bent piece such as keys etc

Cutting Plier

This is used for gripping/cutting/ twisting of steel wires or gripping one end of a bolt while the spanner is unlocking a nut at the other side. One example is the steel wire used in household for cloth drying.

Nose Plier

This is very useful for holding any component especially while soldering.

Measuring Tape

This easy to carry steel tape is very useful for taking any measurement. The tape has measurements marked in centimeters as well as inches.

Wire Cutter

This is a very useful tool for cutting electrical wires. It can be also used for removing insulation sleeve from wires although it requires some practice.

Wire stripping blade

This wire stripping blade is useful for removing the wire insulation and expose the conductor for providing electrical connection.

Power Extension board

This is convenient flexible power extension board for making power available to locations where permanent power sockets are not available.


Electricity Tester

This is a very useful tool to check power availability in Power sockets.

Note:1) The above list is by no means exhaustive.  There are so many tools that one can have depending on the requirement but we have recommended only most essential ones for those who are yet to make a start.

2) In order to reach tube lights or fans which are at heights, a sturdy stool is recommended. I have been using 5 feet fold-able aluminum  ladder which is light in weight, easy to carry around in the house and is very stable when working.


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