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Appam/Aappam with Vegetable Kurma

Aappam/ Appam is very famous breakfast recipe in Kerala and southern part of Tamil Nadu. Aappam pancake is served with vegetable stew vegetable kurma and sweetened coconut milk. Aappam is also referred as appam . Traditionally appam batter is fermented using Toddy (locally Kallu). However it is not easily available everywhere. So many people use […]

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SWEET POHA AND CHIVDA-Quick teatime snacks

Sweet poha/Panchakajjaya is a very important prasadam in Karnataka and Maharashtra during festivals like Ganesh chaturthi,Krishna janmashtami, Thulsi pooja. The word pancha means five ingredients and khajjaya means neivedhya prasadam. Five ingredients are flattened rice, jaggery, coconut,sesame seeds and ghee. The other ingredients added if any are optional.There are many variations of panchakhajjaya like poha […]

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This is a healthy south indian breakfast recipe somewhat like Upma Kozhukattai. In kara pidi kozhukattai, tamarind water has been added to give a tangy taste.Mor milagai has been added to enhance the flavor. More importantly lot of vegetables are added to make it healthier. This kozhukattai goes well with coconut chutney combination. Ingredients Ingredients_Thengai […]

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Northa Ilai podi | Veppilai katti | Citron leaf powder

Healthy Northa Ilai Podi | Veppilai katti | Citron leaf powder -Northa Ilai Podi or citron leaf powder improves appetite and aids in digestion. It is good for people especially who suffer from digestive problems. This podi is rich in vitamin C and is an healthy alternative to pickles. It tastes great when taken along […]

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Karadaiyan Nonbu Vella Kozhukattai/ Nonbu adai is a sweet made during the Karadaiyan festival which is celebrated by ladies in Tamil Nadu following the end of Tamil month masi and starting of Panguni. The married woman prey for long life of their husbands. Ingredients Red bean / Karamani – 2 tbsp Rice flour – 1 […]

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Tomato Dosa with curry leaf chutney

Tomato Dosa is a tasty as well as easy and quick to make breakfast. Currey leaves chutney forms a good combination for tomato dosa. The main ingredients for tomato dosa are tomatoes, raw rice. moong dal & beaten rice In order to prepare the batter rice and dal have to be soaked for 2 hours […]